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2??( http://www.ch.ntu.edu.tw/~ktliu/pubs/2????????)

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???~???/????x???u?@?{??v?? ????



?a????x?t?a?o??(??|???;?o??????z2014 1??,??529??,p.52)


??????|green chemistry institute????{?v??
green chemistry 101
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green chemistry: an introductory text, 2nd ed. ?x mike lancaster 2010?~????@?f??o?@ū???????ь??a?h2??覡???n??2???????a??b?\?h?譱?|?x?????????u?~???w?????n??c

rsc green chemistry series —?^???a????|?x?????@?t?c???yupdate(2013.02.07)
paul t. anastas??s?????????????@ — ?h???????????paul t. anastas??????r?j?m??o????????????@?c
review articles
chemical review 2007, 107, issue 6 — this issue is a special edition containing a broad coverage of green chemistry including ionic liquids, supercritical liquids, green synthetic routes to organic molecules, etc.   ????
chemical society review 2012, issues 4. themed issue for green chemistry

sustainable water: chemical science priorities by royal society of chemitry (2007) — ?^????|?d????@?????i?a???x????s?p???u?~?b??????????????w?i?h??o??????c

origins, current status, and future challenges of green chemistry (acc. chem. res. 2002, 35, 686-694) — paul t. anastas??2002?~???^?u???
green chemistry: challenges and opportunities (green chem, 1999, 1, 1-8) — ??green chem???z??z?n????@?g?峹?a??o?@ū?c

green nanotechnology: challenges and opportunities — acs green chemistry institute?poregon nanoscience and microtechnologies institute ?o????????`?????????a?y?z??e???d??p?????????c

green chemistry reports in c&en — ??????2001?~?h??z?n???????|?o?檺c&en???x?w?????峹?c  

???κ????q?l??z — 2010?~?c??хz?a??j?p?j?????u?{??t?o??

q & a on green chemistry ?o???2007?~12??6??nature???x (nature, 2007, 450, 810-812)  
environmental performance index 2012 — ?c?|??????u????????a?i?d?\?x?w???u??????cupdate(2013.02.07)
c&en special issue - sustainability: a mission for the chemical enterprise — c&en 2008, 86(33), auguest 18.

the ivory tower goes green — c&en reports several us colleges for their green chemistry curricula and activities.

?????????o???? — ?g???????????@?g???w??????

priority chemicals and fact sheets — epa's national partnership for environmental priorities (npep) focuses efforts on reducing 31 priority chemicals.

green chemistry takes root — usa today ??????????ɡc
green chemistry institute — ??????|??????????c
green chemistry network??university of york (uk) ??b?@????′?c

greenchemweb — a resource guide for green and sustainable chemistry?c

suschem: european technology platform for sustainable chemistry — ??w?????????b??u??????a?w?????x newsletter " suschem solutions"?c
the iupac green chemistry directory — ??????p??iupac??????????c
??????o?p?? pollution prevention (p2) (usepa) & green chemistry ????c
green & sustainable chemistry network (gscn) — ???[???????????????z?l???????зs?a?h??????m?h?????d?φw??????????s?o?i?c????????ф饻?b???[????????ш|?b??s?}?o?b????b????b?s?d?b?h???b????s?????c

canadian green chemistry network — green chemistry goals in canada.

the international green network - ign — the scientific newtwork of the g8 countries devoted to green chemistry.

megrec network — the mediterranean countries green chemistry newtwork. established in belgrade on 9 december 2005.

green chemistry organizations — ?h?^??r???????c??????????????p???c?c

the berkeley center for green chemistry — this center aims to advance green chemistry principles and practice through interdisciplinary research, education, and novel collaborations among investigators working at the intersection of chemistry, toxicology, environmental health, business, law, and public policy.

center for green chemistry & green engineering at yale — 2007?~1??1??}?l?b?@??????c  
schools with green chemistry programs — ????????|??z????a?i???@??w?d?n????????{???s????n???c?p?p???c
databases/expert system
????????y?? — ????j???@??i?h?????j?m?????p?зs??n?????x?a?p??]?i?h????s???i?l?p??s???g?c?z?l??j????r?ο??w?l60?????????a?h?j?m???n????????t?c
greener education materials for chemists (gems) — ??`?????w?[????????j????t????????w?c
?????m?a?t?? — ???????o?@?p??o?i??"?????m?a?t?? [the green chemistry expert system (gces)]?a ?i?h?j?m?x?g??????h????????p???????c
????u?????h??????v???????????s?? —  ?i?j??????j?ugreen chemistry?v??2??u绿???学?v???j?m?c
?t????powerpoint???/ summer school?????


acs summer school on green chemistry and sustainable energy —???~???t????v???i??u??
green chemistry: background, key concepts and principles — ?????2??????v???c
the overview of green sustainable chemistry activity in taiwan — an invited lecture presented at gsc-aon 2007, jointed meeting of the 1st asian-oceanian conference on green and sustainable chemistry and the 7th annual green and sustainable chemistry symposium on march 6-9, 2007 at national center of sciences, tokyo.

agenda and presentations of the 4th stakeholder meeting, 27 august 2006, budapest — ?z?l?o??t?????e?a?i?h?a???w?b?????????????k?p?@?k?c????k??i?u??suschem???′???????]suschem draft implementation action plan?^

green chemisry: pollution prevention by design — ?????2??????v???c
?????????[ — 2007?~?x?f?j??????p?`???n??q?|?????t???z?c
presidential green chemistry challenge — ?????`?κ????d????c
iupac green chemistry directory — iupac???z???u?????????????.

the european sustainable chemistry award — euchems (the european association for chemical and molecular sciences) ??2010?~?}?l?{?o??????


the 15th annual green chemistry & engineering conference in concert with the 5th international conference on green and sustainable chemistry, june 21-23, 2011, in washington, dc.

sustainable chemistry 2011— first international conference on sustainable chemistry 6 - 8 july 2011, antwerp, belgium

15th annual green chemistry & engineering conference june 21-23, 2011, washington, d.c., usa
next generation bio-based chemicals summit — san diego, ca, february 8-10, 2010 "bringing together the value chain for drop-in and new chemicals derived from cellulosics, algae, waste streams, and co2"

chemistry for a sustainable world —the theme for the 239th acs national meeting. san francisco, ca, usa. march 21-25, 2010

the 12th annual green chemistry & engineering conference — date: june 24-26, 2008 place: capital hilton, in washington, dc

gordon research conference on green chemistry — date: aug. 3-8, 2008 place: lewiston (maine), usa
2nd international iupac conference on green chemistry — date: sept. 14-20, 2008 place: saint-petersburg, russia.
scholarship/ summer school
acs summer school on green chemistry and sustainable energy
chemsuschem — a 2008 journal published by wiley, aimed to become a top interdisciplinary journal for research at the interface of chemistry and sustainability.
green chemistry letters and reviews — a 2008 journal published by taylor and francis for rapid publication of innovative new syntheses and procedures that reduce or eliminate the use or generation of hazardous materials.
green chemistry — ?h"green chemistry"?r?w???^????|?x?????m?~?????z?c
?p??????u ???|??????
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